Elliott Turns 3 {Allendale, NJ Children's Photographer}

Three years ago, we met Elliott and his parents down in Cranford, NJ. To be quite honest, we fell in love. He was a big, big flirt and had these gorgeous baby blue eyes to boot. Last year, we met his family down in Long Branch at Seven Presidents Beach. He was a tiny bit more reserved, but still had that flirty smile. As we all know, time marches on, despite our requests to the contrary, and Elliott turned three this August. To commemorate this milestone, we decided to do indoor portraits.

Allendale NJ children's photographer

At three years old, children's attention spans can be tricky, so we were prepared. We had balloons (to match those gorgeous blue eyes), a cupcake, a bubble gun at the ready, and mama right by our side. The balloons were a decent sized hit, but once we got to the cupcake, we had his complete attention! (A man after our own hearts)!

Bergen County Children's photographer

Elliott's mom did such a fantastic job with styling his look for this shoot, and she told us that he love suspenders. So, not only did he have a timeless, classic look, he felt cool and comfortable in his outfit. 

Bergen County Family Photographer

Because these types of studio shots tend to be on the simpler side (in comparison to something like a styled shoot or cake smash) it's important to us that we are able to capture a range of emotions and variety in poses. To accomplish this we incorporate posing bowls, stools, simple seated and standing poses, as well as run the gamut of faces we ask them to make at us. We strive to make the entire session fun-filled for our subjects.

Allendale NJ Portrait Photographer

It has become one of our traditions to purchase a cupcake from Palermo's Bakery (Wyckoff location) for these milestone shoots. If it's in stock, we almost always aim for funfetti! Not only do they photograph well, our subjects really enjoy them! 

Bergen County Milestone Photographer

Wishing you the happiest of years, Elliott! We can't wait to celebrate your fourth! 

Fairy Tale on the Farm {Millstone Township Children's Photographer}

In case you couldn't tell, we have a blogging backlog and a half. As a result, we are posting some of our newer stuff as well as revisiting some older shoots. This shoot, in particular, is older. I believe this was two years ago to this very weekend.

NJ Children's Photographer

This wasn't our first time shooting Charlotte & Stella, but it was our first time styling them and having the run of the location. The girls' mom wanted to shoot on her Uncle's farm in Millstone Township, NJ, and we couldn't have been more excited! Pretty dresses? Gorgeous girls? Sweet, cuddly farm animals AND  a host of corgis to boot? We are in! 

New Jersey Children's Photographer

I ended up buying these dresses during an End of Summer sale on Zulily. They were just enough for the girls to run around on the farm without making them uncomfortable and hot. The crowns were purchased from  Love Crush and were a big hit with the girls. 

Bergen County Children's Photographer

As you can see, the weather in Millstone Township that day was a little cloudy. It didn't give us quite the sun glow we imagined for the shoot, but it did provide soft, diffused light, so that we didn't need to mess around with reflectors and/or worry about direct sunlight casting shadows on the girls' faces.

Hudson County Children's Photographer

One of the things we love the most about what we capture are the small details of our clients' faces. You can see the dusting of freckles over Charlotte's cheeks, and Stella's gorgeous natural Summer highlights here. 

Bergen County Family Photographer

The motion in these dresses really added a touch of magic to this particular shoot. 

New Jersey Family Photographer
NJ Children's Photographer
New Jersey Children's Photography

If you are interested in a more styled shoot for your child, please don't hesitate to reach out. We truly enjoy working with parents to come up with a look that captures exactly who your child is at this point in their lives, because as we all know: childhood doesn't last forever. 

Etta's Six Month Milestone Session {Bayonne, NJ Family Photographer}


Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure to shoot Miss Etta's 6 month milestone + family photography session. We had originally scheduled this shoot for a week earlier, but due to all of the rain we've had in Northern NJ, we rescheduled for this past Saturday. 

During the Summer months when the days are much longer and the light is much harsher, we usually prefer to shoot in the early AM. Fortunately, for us, Etta seems to be a morning person! So we all met nice and early at the Stephen R. Gregg Park in Bayonne. Etta and her family are new to Bayonne, so they got to see a little more of the park and all of its beautiful locations. 



Mama told us that she wanted simple, soft look for her photos, and we couldn't agree more - it's the perfect look for an end of Summer / Early Autumn feel. She did a wonderful job color coordinating everyone, and ensuring that Etta stood out. She brought two dresses for Etta and the cutest little gold sparkle jelly sandals you ever did see! 


Is it any wonder that we are a tiny bit over the moon with this session? Just look at this gorgeous family!