Etta's Six Month Milestone Session {Bayonne, NJ Family Photographer}


Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure to shoot Miss Etta's 6 month milestone + family photography session. We had originally scheduled this shoot for a week earlier, but due to all of the rain we've had in Northern NJ, we rescheduled for this past Saturday. 

During the Summer months when the days are much longer and the light is much harsher, we usually prefer to shoot in the early AM. Fortunately, for us, Etta seems to be a morning person! So we all met nice and early at the Stephen R. Gregg Park in Bayonne. Etta and her family are new to Bayonne, so they got to see a little more of the park and all of its beautiful locations. 



Mama told us that she wanted simple, soft look for her photos, and we couldn't agree more - it's the perfect look for an end of Summer / Early Autumn feel. She did a wonderful job color coordinating everyone, and ensuring that Etta stood out. She brought two dresses for Etta and the cutest little gold sparkle jelly sandals you ever did see! 


Is it any wonder that we are a tiny bit over the moon with this session? Just look at this gorgeous family!


Elliott Turns One! {Cranford NJ Baby Photographer}

Elliott's parents, Elizabeth and Victor, warned us that he was a real ladies' man. They said he was a total flirt. It was hard to believe any one year old could have game that strong until he got in front of our cameras. 


He's not yet walking (but oh, so close) but Mom told us he loves to pull up on things and do big stands. And, she was not kidding! Thank goodness for us keeping this crate on hand where ever we go, because he had a blast with it!


Seriously! If there was a "Baby of the Month" calendar, I am pretty sure Elliott would win for September! I just love how the blue in his plaid shirt brings out his gorgeous eyes.


I love that you can sense how small he still is in this photo. The way he's grasping onto Mom & Dad's fingers so tightly - taking those tentative baby steps. It won't be long before he's walking and running around. We're so glad they have these precious photos to remind them of this special time in all of their lives.


Elliott also brought along one of his favorite friends to celebrate his birthday - The one and only Pooh Bear.   We were fortunate to get to shoot this session on a gorgeously breezy day. The sun going down behind Elliott makes this photo whimsical and timeless. 


I don't think we could've asked for an easier first birthday photo shoot. Elliott and his parents were an absolute dream to photograph and we cannot wait to keep making magic as he grows up.