Liam's Fall Portraits {Bergen County Children's Photographer}

There’s something magical about Autumn, isn’t there? The leaves are ablaze with color, and begin softly, slowly falling toward the ground. The smell of cinnamon scented pine cones as you step into the grocery store. The availability of almost everything under the sun in "pumpkin spice” scent or flavor. The feel of sweaters on your arms again. We are big fans of Fall! And, it seems, so are our clients. Just look at Liam’s Fall portraits!

Bergen County Children's Photographer

Although we do shoot portraits in other seasons (and in studio), Fall is definitely our busiest time. It’s not too hot, the scenery is gorgeous, and the kids’ pictures will be recent, when placed on the family Holiday card.

Bergen County Family Photographer

Autumn also offers us the unique opportunity of adding more “play” time into our shoots - we can toss leaves, throw them at the kids, get motion shots, run around and play hide and seek, and generally make the shoot more enjoyable, ultimately resulting in a casual, fun look for portrait sessions.

These photos of Liam were snapped during a game of “who can throw leaves the highest” and we just love all of the laughter and smiles captured.

Bergen County Child Photographer
Bergen County Fall Family Photography

If you are interested in booking a 2018 Fall photo shoot with us, please note that we are implementing a booking deadline of 9/30/2018, so don’t delay! We’ll see you soon!

Bergen County Childhood Photographer