New Site Launch & Giveaway!


ANNOUNCEMENT: New Website + Giveaway

First and foremost, we want to thank all of our clients, friends and family for an unbelievable amount of support over the last two years. You have all encouraged us to be able to live our dream of creating a successful photography business. We'd be nowhere without you all.

Over the last few months, we've been working hard to update our portfolio and create a new website. We're so excited to announce that it's finally, FINALLY finished. We'd love for you to check out the new site and blog at:

In celebration of our new site launch, we're having our first ever giveaway! We're giving away (1) free photo session with (1) 16x20" traditional gallery-wrapped canvas. This contest will run through 9/30/2016 and is open to new clients only. We'd love for you to share this giveaway with anyone you think deserves a free photo session. This giveaway can be entered up to two times - once for liking our Facebook and once for following our Instagram account - yes, it will be verified.

Again, we're so excited about this next step in our business and we cannot thank you all enough!

Elliott Turns One! {Cranford NJ Baby Photographer}

Elliott's parents, Elizabeth and Victor, warned us that he was a real ladies' man. They said he was a total flirt. It was hard to believe any one year old could have game that strong until he got in front of our cameras. 


He's not yet walking (but oh, so close) but Mom told us he loves to pull up on things and do big stands. And, she was not kidding! Thank goodness for us keeping this crate on hand where ever we go, because he had a blast with it!


Seriously! If there was a "Baby of the Month" calendar, I am pretty sure Elliott would win for September! I just love how the blue in his plaid shirt brings out his gorgeous eyes.


I love that you can sense how small he still is in this photo. The way he's grasping onto Mom & Dad's fingers so tightly - taking those tentative baby steps. It won't be long before he's walking and running around. We're so glad they have these precious photos to remind them of this special time in all of their lives.


Elliott also brought along one of his favorite friends to celebrate his birthday - The one and only Pooh Bear.   We were fortunate to get to shoot this session on a gorgeously breezy day. The sun going down behind Elliott makes this photo whimsical and timeless. 


I don't think we could've asked for an easier first birthday photo shoot. Elliott and his parents were an absolute dream to photograph and we cannot wait to keep making magic as he grows up. 


Baby Brooklyn's Six Month Photoshoot! {Bayonne, NJ Baby Photographer}

Bayonne_NJ_6_Months_Infant_Photoshoot_ (3).jpg

It seems like it was just yesterday that Holly texted me to let me know Vinnie & Jenna were having a baby - on the road, underneath the Brooklyn Bride, in their car, mind you - and now here she is already a whole one half of a year old! 

We spent what the weather people were calling the "hottest day of the year" so far getting this one ready for her close up. Jenna pored over various outfits for Brooklyn, finally deciding that this gorgeous one piece by Dollcake was the winner. (I'm not going to lie, I can't ever get enough of Dollcake so I did a happy dance on the inside, and maybe a little on the outside, too)! 

Once we had her outfit(s) ready to go, we decided that it was simply too hot for a little one to be outside. So, we opted for Vinnie & Jenna's sun porch - a gorgeous, sun-filled room that made it super-easy to photograph Brooklyn on our white rug. Doesn't she look like she's floating on a fuzzy cloud? So gorgeous!

As you can see, this wee one was a total dream to photograph. She was awake, alert, and super interested in her toes that day. I don't know about you guys, but the baby toe-grab is one of my favorite things to witness. We are so lucky that we get to capture these small moments in a baby's life to preserve them for their families forever. 

You wouldn't know it from looking at these photos, but this set up was actually super easy to accomplish. We used one of those white faux sheepskin rugs from Ikea (the small one, even) and Holly held a white linen blanket (folded in half) up behind Brooklyn while I army crawled around on the floor to shoot. Because the room was already so light, the additional whites from the rug and blanket actually reflected onto Brooklyn, eliminating any shadows she had on her skin. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results!

After a small rest, and a quick outfit change, we were ready for the last shot of the session. Miss Brooklyn ready to head up up and away in a hot air balloon - sailing straight towards her first birthday!  Brooklyn you are a gorgeous gem of a baby girl and we cannot wait to celebrate your very first birthday with you! 

M Family's First Photoshoot {Cranford, NJ Family Photographer}

Holly has known Kristen since they were about 15 years old! They watched each other grow up, graduate high school, live life and eventually have baby girls! This gorgeous baby girl is Brynn, and she is starring in her first family photoshoot at just 8 months old. I'm pretty sure there's a modelling contract out there waiting for this little lady! Just look at those eyes! It's okay to admit you're jealous. So am I! 

This was actually our third time scheduling this photoshoot. The first time, neither of us realized that we had scheduled it for Father's Day. Of course, this was Ryan's first Father's Day, so that's a pretty big deal! The second time, we got completely rained out! We were all so bummed. We picked the same time/place for the next week..and we nearly got rained out again! 

Even as we were driving towards Cranford, there was a storm looming. But, we all remained hopeful and it worked out just fine. As we arrived, the storm went away, and we had a nice Summer evening to spend in the park. And just wait until you see how Kristen styled Brynn for this shoot! 

Brynn's beautiful coral dress was actually made by one of Kristen's bridesmaids! And what's more - it was designed and made right from her bridesmaid's dress. She had it made for Kristen and presented it as a gift for her Baby Shower. My heart is so full knowing that this beautiful family will forever have photographic memories of their little one in one of their dear friend's dresses. If you are thinking of a gift for your close friend's Baby Shower and happened to have been a part of their wedding - steal this idea! Just look how wonderful it turned out!